Horse Girl Fever (forthcoming Jan 2025, CLASH Books)
The Red-Headed Pilgrim (Jan 2023, Two Dollar Radio)
Cult of Loretta (May 2015, Lazy Fascist Press)


“Baby Albatross”HAD (Feb 2024)
“Freebie”Forever Mag (May 2023)
“Five Weddings”Autofocus (Nov 2022)
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“Wrath of the Red-Eyed Wizard”Vol. 1 Brooklyn (Jun 2017)
“Horse Girl Fever”The Literary Review (Jun 2017)
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“Nelson Gets It All”Lazy Fascist Review #2  (Nov 2014)
“Ghost”Hobart  (Oct 2014)
“No No”Hobart (Apr 2014) & in print Hobart Handbooks (Jul 2015) & again online Words & Sports (Jun 2021)
“St. Rudolph”Hobart  (Dec 2013)
“Owl Sees Everything”PANK #8  (Mar 2013)
“Cult of Loretta”Monkeybicycle  (Jan 2013)
“8:32” – Housefire  (Oct 2012)


“Alleyman”How to Write a Novel (Aug 2023)
“Before the Tall Grass” – END/PAIN (May 2016)
“Soldiers By the Side of the Road”Taut Lines: Extraordinary True Fishing Stories (Aug 2016, Constable & Robinson)


“Fiction: The Red-Headed Pilgrim by Kevin Maloney”Excerpt (Aug 2023)
“Recommended Reading: The Red-Headed Pilgrim”Shelf Unbound (Jul 2023)
“An Average Jukebox in the Outskirts of the Biggest Little City in the World” (cowritten w/ Aaron Burch & D.T. Robbins)Farewell Transmission (Apr 2023)
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